Goluk T3 Dash Camera


T3's specifications, such as F2.0 large aperture, non-spherical high-definition lens combined with advanced number plate recognition technology and high dynamic range (WDR) imaging, allow the dashcam to record clear video images in various light-conditions.

Direct sun shine or bright head-lights, extreme shadow or low-light conditions - T3 will adjust to your needs and take the best video image possible.

Wide Dynamic Range -Goluk T3

In contrast to the 2 previous product generations, the brand new T3 is equipped with Panasonic low-light image processor and a super-capacitor, which ensures that your videos are saved in case of power breaks.

141 °wide-angle ensures comprehensive capturing of traffic events and covers side lanes.


T3's Matte Grey design, cylindrical shape and tiny size make the dashcam blend seamlessly with your car's interior fitting perfectly behind the rear view mirror.
Goluk T3's 360° rotatable structure allows adjusting the camera angle with ease.             No more flashy lights or bulky screens, nothing will distract you while driving if you install T3 in your car!


Camera controls and video settings are accessed through the mobile app supporting both Android and iOS platforms. T3 connects with your phone via WiFi, installation and paring takes a few seconds. That said, you will NOT use your mobile data for taking, viewing or downloading videos to your phone.

Videos are saved to your SD card and synced to your phone if necessary. You can adjust video quality settings, choose to disable sound recording, edit and share videos easily without having to take out your SD card.

Social sharing feature allows drivers from all over the world to connect and share road videos instantaneously. You may choose to sign up for a free account, which will allow you to share your experiences with other Goluk users.

Parking Security Mode

If you hard wire T3 in your car with a voltage regulator cable (5V-12V output, mini USB port), Parking Security can be activated in the settings.

Once T3 detects that the car has been stationary for 5 minutes, looping video will be turned off, and motion detection will be activated. If T3 detects that motion or detection, it will record and lock a 16-second long video (8 seconds before and after the video recording was triggered).

Goluk T3 Technical Specifications

  • Hisilicon Advanced Hi3516C
  • Image Processor SONY Advanced Image Sensor Full HD 1920*1080P,
  • Ambrella S2LM Chipset
  • 141° Wide Angle Camera
  • Aptina 1/ 2.7” Ultra HD CMOS Sensor
  • 6-layer glass lens and 1 Infrared Filter, F2.0 Aperture
  • Loop Recording, Emergency Accident Auto-Recording
  • WDR, G-Sensor, Built-in Microphone Speaker
  • 360° Rotatable Structure
  • External storage support: Up to 128 GB SD card